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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jobless and loving it... (Part 1)


Act 1: The Employee
I was totally okay with the life I was leading eight months ago as an employee. I had a paycheck which I got at the end of every month. I would go out with friends every weekend: maybe catch a movie, have dinner at some fancy restaurant (Pizza Hut is fancy enough for me), or drink the weekend away with beer buddies. I was totally relaxed: for 2 days and a night at least.

Then came Monday. The first day of the week and also the worst. I practically had to haul myself out of bed every morning just so I wouldn't be late for work. Can't let anything screw with that promotion.

At work, I did all sorts of stuff just to keep busy. And after doing everything work-related, I would still do stuff to make me LOOK busy. Got to keep the boss happy. It was a good thing my job allowed me to get out of the office whenever I needed to (the NEED can be fabricated if you only know how, hehe). That did a lot to keep me sane all those years.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I loved my job. I liked creating concepts and seeing those concepts come alive. It was a dream job for someone like me. BUT I DIDN'T WANT A JOB! Deep down, I wanted something else entirely.

Then came THE BOOK, and my life made a drastic turnaround.

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