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Sunday, August 5, 2007

A sad story of COSMIC proportions...

Found this in my stash of old memories. Wrote it when I was so emotional over "nothing" not so long ago (college days) LOL. Thanks to blogging, I finally get to publish it.

by Darwin Encabo

Once there were two stars held so close together,
You couldn't distinguish one from the other.
They graced the skies with a unified light,
A light so bright it kept love so tight.

Cosmic beings said they were inseparable,
What one could do the other was able.
They seemed to have a singular thought,
And nothing seemed to keep them apart.

But all of a sudden for reasons unknown,
The bright twin stars waned and were gone.
The light they once shone turned gray and turned cold,
And the emptiness that's left had grown very old.

Through powerful forces of cosmic actions,
One of the stars found new dimensions.
The other one remained in its own orbit,
Yearning for the friend it missed so intent.

In its vast solar system the lone star sat,
And grieved over something it thought would last.
Until such time, this, the star could not digest,
It shattered, it snapped and ceased to exist.


Susan said...

Cool! I remember reading this composition of yours years ago :) I love the last line :)

Anonymous said...

o i missed you instantly!!! haha!! how i knew each and every line of Supernova! I CAN still recite it in the mid of my sleep, mind you!

your seatmate of 4 years

darwin said...

@susan... thanks. i cant even believe i still remember every line of it after all these years. lost every copy i made so i posted it through memory. i guess I really was messed up when i wrote it. hehe

@anonymous... OMAY or Mel? hehe... miss you both! :)